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The Switch 24 system provides EVV (Electronic Voucher Vending) and EVD (Electronic voucher distribution) to the market through a scalable, robust and super fast switch. The vending service comprises the electronic sales of any voucher-based products as individual products or bulk sales.

These can be:

A secure warehouse of electronic PINs are kept on a central system. These are generated or bought from suppliers and imported into the system. 3rd Party interfaces are put in place for products such as Top-Up (for e.g. airtime or data), bill payments, or other products and these are distributed/sold via the sales devices with a receipt generated as proof of sale.

The model is usually based on a pre-paid wallet against which cost-of-sale is deducted in real-time and the vendor gets their profit immediately. Margin can be distributed to the whole channel from the back-end system.

For the EVD prepaid model, each vendor/device has a wallet (like a bank account) and for a vendor to be able to vend, a credit balance is required – this can be based on actual money (e.g. paid into the supplier bank account and credited to the wallet) or on a credit/loan basis.


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