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The Switch 24 system is based on a highly scalable, completely redundant architecture that ensures no downtime.

The back-end servers are hosted centrally in a very reliable ISP and more servers can be added to any component of the back-end as volume demands. Backups are made in real-time for the database on transaction level, and offline backups are made every evening to ensure full data protection.

Switch 24 is accessed via the web anywhere in the world and is secured through SSL encryption on all access and transaction messaging.

An XML-RPC API ensures that any device, POS or other 3rd Party System can access the system and vend/switch on the system.

Full real-time reporting is available to users of the system. An audit trail of each activity and 3rd party interaction with the system is kept at all times, so accountability can be fully determined.

Fast      Secure      Reliable      Easy to Use      Available anywhere, anytime!

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