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Switch 24 is a company based on a rare fusion of business and technical expertise in the world of high volume transaction switching. With owners that come out of the pre-paid vending industry, large international business community and the software development and operations industry, it has unique and extensive management and technical capabilities that stand out in a highly competitive industry.

Switch 24 operates a high volume, high speed, high reliability vending switch which has been in operation since 2010 with a track record of no downtime and processing of over 2500 transactions per minute at peak times - A robust and proven platform that competes globally. The original switch was developed by Dirkie Coetzee as a generic information and point-of-sale switch. This then expanded to include vending and financial switching capabilities with thousands of customers transacting on it worldwide.

The Switch 24 switching system and surrounding services for pre and post-paid EVV (Electronic Voucher Vending) and EVD (Electronic Voucher Distribution) customers makes voucher vending, real-time top-up, electricity and many more products and services available anywhere, anytime.

Because Switch 24 is a modular system, any combination of functionality and modules are available depending on your business needs. The entire system is permission driven, thus allowing your users to only see and use functionality you have allocated to them.

Switch 24 is hosted centrally and all upgrades, maintenance and backups are made centrally without you having to worry about maintaining a system. You simply use it as and when you need it!

Switch 24 offer the following services:

We are ready to help you anywhere in the world to expand your business into the online vending world.

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